Testimonial from Hensel Phelps Construction Co.:

Hi Mike,

The sound proofing dropped the noise level inside the owner's areas approximately 7 db to 72 db. However, as you know quantitative noise
measurements don’t always capture real world changes. Importantly, the owner said they are now able to hold conversations and talk on the phone without yelling.

Additionally, the sound proofing limits sound reflection within the space so it’s noticeably more “peaceful”. This effect occurs because we eliminated lots of the noise sources and reflective surfaces by covering the overhead conveyors and catwalks. Installing the CA-BSC-25-4" significantly isolated the noise coming from all of the overhead conveyors. The remaining conveyors and motors on the ground produce 65 to 70 db, so it’s obvious the sound blankets reduced the noise as much as possible. When walking through the owner's areas it’s clear that most of the noise is coming from the ground conveyors. Unfortunately, the owner needs access to these ground conveyors, so there is nothing more we can do. If sound proofing and noise reduction had been high priority design considerations early on it might have been possible to reduce the noise level further.

Regardless of our last minute design and installation, I am happy with the performance of the Sonex and BSC-25 materials.

I will recommend both these materials and California Acoustics for future projects.

Mission accomplished! Thanks for all of your help.

Adam Minto LEED® AP
Field Engineer
Hensel Phelps Construction Co.


Testimonial from Broadbent & Associates, Inc.

Hi Mike,

Things are good out at the site. The sound blankets work wonderful. One of our field guys asked a teacher inside the classroom building that is close to the remediation compound if the noise was bothering her and she said “What noise”?

I’ll keep my ears open for other project managers projects that might deal with noisy stuff.


Dee Walter, CEM
Project Manager

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